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What Is Paint Protection Film?

Paint Protection Film also referred to as Clear Bra or PPF is a thin adhesive film that acts as a topcoat and is made out of urethane. It can be applied to your vehicle to help protect it against scratches, dings, rock chips and UV rays to name a few. Its self-healing properties help to erase scratches, chemical etchings, and spots left from bird droppings while also making cleaning your vehicle and keeping it clean that much easier. The great thing about a PPF film is it can be applied to your full vehicle or partially focusing on the spots on your car, truck or SUV that need it the most. The cost of paint protection film varies and depends on a few different factors such as, the vehicle size, area in which the PPF is installed and the prior condition of the vehicle before installation. Here at SV Auto Pros we offer quotes on commercial and personal vehicles and would love to answer any questions about Paint Protection Film for your vehicle you may have.

Why Spend Money on Paint Protection Film?

You have just spent your hard earned money on a beautiful new vehicle and it is time to make sure a big-rig on the highway isn't responsible for chipping away your factory paint! No aftermarket paint will ever replicate the manufactures paint process and it is important to make sure your vehicle has what it needs to prevent a re-paint in the future. Don't get us started on all the swirl marks & scratching a vehicle sees after a regular car wash!






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